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New TEAM promises!

New Year, new promises! I'm sure many of us are in the same space - wanting to start afresh, but what does this mean for the teams we're all part of. I wonder how many of us make promises and resolutions for ourselves, but don't think so much about the promises we need to make to the teams we're members of.

We're all part of a wide variety teams - not least of all the teams in our professional lives and the teams we’re part of at home - I know for sure that my professional life wouldn't work if my husband and I weren't working as a strong team.

So, I invite you all to think about the conversations your teams can have about the promises each member will make to enhance your collective performance. Keep those promises simple - no need to over complicate. At Hidden Strengths Learning we're big advocates of keeping things simple to work through the complexity and messiness of life - and the neuroscience backs this up, as David Rock highlights, "Simple is good; simplest is best." (Your Brain at Work, 2009).

So, as we start a new year, what simple, but meaningful promises will you make to the teams you’re part of and how can you make them a reality?

Here's to an amazing 2019 - for us all!


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