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Executive & Group Coaching


Executive Coaching

Leaders face immense pressures, whether it be how to transition into a new role, how to lead a team through challenging times, build and enhance a client account, or manage their personal resilience and well being.  All aspects of a leader’s world and work can be explored in a programme of Executive Coaching.

A programme of Executive Coaching provides a safe, judgement free and confidential space for leaders to work through the dilemmas, opportunities and challenges they may be facing in order to manager their own well being and performance for the good of the business, themselves and the team they serve.

Coaching sessions can be held face to face or virtually and as a guide, the following approach is often adopted to ensure the highest value is gained from the programme:

Getting Set Up For Success

  • Scope and objective setting: A discussion between coach, coachee, and if appropriate, the sponsor to collectively agree the objectives and desired outcomes of the coaching programme.

  • Feedback: If required collect 360 feedback.

The Work

  • The work: Coaching programme begins – meeting around every 4 weeks.

  • Psychometric tools: If required a psychometric tool may be accessed to add to the coachee’s insights.

Ongoing Journey

  • Ongoing support: In between sessions the coachee has access to their coach for ad hoc short calls. The coach will also share any resources, tools, frameworks or further reading which support the learning journey.

  • Progress check-ins: The coach and coachee will review progress against agreed goals.  If appropriate the coachee will also update their sponsor on progress.

Long Term Impact

  • Insight gained: A review of the progress made and insights gained from the programme of coaching.

  • What next?: A discussion to help the coachee agree their ongoing development and self-coaching toolkit.

Group Coaching

Group coaching or Peer to Peer Learning Groups as they are sometimes called, are another powerful offering.  Our executive coaches work with small groups to enable them to participate in a quality dialogue that gives participants space to:

  • Reflect: Reflect and think at a deeper level and appreciate they are not alone in the challenges they are facing

  • Apply: Adopt insights from their wider learning to create practical change on the ground

  • Quality thinking: Think more strategically about the challenges facing their business, now and in the future, and consider ways to respond

  • Build relationships: Be supported and challenged by peers and build stronger networks across the business

  • Coach: Further enhance their coaching skills through the conversations held

Group coaching can be a valuable and cost effective way to give a wider audience access to coaching.  It can form part of a wider learning offering or be a stand alone intervention.

Working with my coach has been transformative.
She has helped me gain a new perspective on my leadership.

Senior Leader

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