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Leadership Development







Our passion for enabling leaders to build collaborative environments means this is an area we often focus on with clients.  Our ethos is to build a bespoke offering that truly talks to the context within which your leaders are working.

  • Sessions are held virtually, face to face, or a hybrid combination.  They are designed to be experiential, interactive, reflective and give space for conversation, connection, practice and commitment to action.   


  • Sessions can be designed to suit anything from a modular approach through to in-depth longer events - always applying a rigorous design process to ensure innovative approaches are applied and learning is embedded.


  • Additional support can be created through buddying and mentoring relationships alongside peer learning groups.


A r e a s   o f   F o c u s . . .

Example skill areas of focus & sessions include:

  • Collaborative leadership for hybrid teams: An introduction to Collaborative Leadership, with time to explore the values and behaviours that help build a collaborative and supportive environment for teams to flourish and adapt – especially whilst working in a hybrid and often changing world.

  • Collaborative leadership in a political environment:  An exploration of how to lead and collaborate with colleagues and peers to ensure commercial success for all and reduce the silos that can exist in our organisations - including how to influence without authority.

  • Collaboration for all: Working with all team members to explore the role that everyone plays in building engaging, supportive and high performing team environments.

  • Performance Development: Space to focus on the skills and mindset needed to hold high quality performance conversations that engage appraisees and empower them to develop.  

  • Communicating with impact: Exploring differing communication styles, how to adapt to ensure your message is heard and how to influence - when face to face and virtual.

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