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Live Teams

Image by Parabol | The Agile Meeting Toolbox

We work extensively with teams and groups, be that leadership teams, functional teams or working groups.  Whatever the situation we work with you to help you answer the questions you and your team are grappling with.

Common Drivers

Adapting to change

The organisation has been going through huge change, and there are challenging times ahead.   We need to be working better as a team to get through this with resilience

New team

We're a new team and we need to ensure we start as we mean to go on

Leadership not collaborating

As a leadership team we work fine together, but we're not truely collaborating and harnessing the power of all the talent in the room

Working in silos

In truth we're currently operating in silos.  We're not connecting the dots and we're missing great opportunities in the market and internally

Our experience shows that the following steps build a dialogue that enhances the levels of trust and safety across a team leading to sustainable outcomes and renewed habits that foster ongoing ways of working: 

Step 1: Discovery phaseA series of short 1:1 interviews with each member of the team/ group to understand everyone’s perspectives on how the team currently operates.  This data feeds into the design of the support offered to ensure everyone feels listened to and no one is being ‘done to’ through a ‘training’ session.

Step 2: Design of interventions: These interventions can take multiple forms, but often the following components feature:

  • Facilitated ‘Ways of working’ team meeting/s to explore the key dilemmas and objectives identified.  These are designed specifically to meet the needs of the team and help them enhance their ways of working, for example clarifying purpose, and deepening trust.  The number of sessions held will vary dependent on the needs of the team.

  • Psychometric tools to provide data and insight into the group.

  • 'Pulse survey’ tools to quickly gauge how each team member perceives the team.  This tool can be adopted ongoing to maintain momentum.


Step 3: DeliveryWe have a team of highly skilled executive coaches and facilitators who are experienced at working with teams at all levels.  We facilitate the conversations you need to have through a coaching led approach that creates a safe and challenging space to encourage greater openness  and meaningful dialogue.


Step 4: Evaluation and nudges:  We want to ensure the investments you make lead to a return on your investment.  We look to evaluate the impact of the work your team is doing and provide ongoing support to ensure all team members can fulfil their commitments.

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