In a world of constant change collaboration is key...

In a world of constant change and ambiguity, learning is at the heart of how we respond and succeed.  At Hidden Strengths Learning we help teams and working groups to operate at their very best.  We know, that in an ever changing and complex world, the ability to collaborate and build trusted relationships, plays a fundamental role in the success of any organisation. 
At the core of all our offers is our unique Collaboration Formula TM which enables us help leaders, teams and organisations to build a high performing environment that makes the best of all the collective talent.


Executive Coaching 


Supporting the leaders of teams and working groups to consider their role in creating a high performing and collaborative environment.  Adopting a variety of psychological frameworks and research to enable leaders to pause and think about the practical ways in which they can enhance their ability to build and lead a truly high performing team.

Live teams and

working groups

Supporting active teams and working groups to reflect on their ways of operating - exploring their shared purpose, agreed ways of working and increasing their collective self awareness. Facilitated conversations can take place during 'kick offs' and ongoing.  Examples include leadership teams, project teams and departmental teams. 

In a world of constant change

Virtual teams


Working with organisations to consider how they build an inclusive team environment that supports all members to be the best they can be.  This can often include one to one or group coaching for women returners, coaching for team leads and supporting teams to reflect on how their behaviour can support the transition of new joiners.




To create a systemic change and build a broader high performing team environment it’s important to consider how the leaders of your organisation are developed.  Hidden Strengths Learning works with organisations to design and deliver bespoke leadership development workshops that enhance the skills in existing and new leaders.

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